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Retail & Commercial Leases – Sale and Purchase of a Business

A lease is an agreement between a landlord (owner) and a tenant granting rights to a tenant to occupy the premises owned by the landlord.

Also, if you are selling or purchasing a business, the lease in an important consideration.

If you are entering into a Lease, it is important to get legal advice and to know what you are getting yourself into.

At  LegalPro Lawyers, we  can assist you in all aspects of the lease transaction.

Leases for businesses generally fall into one of two categories: Retail Leases and Commercial Leases.

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Retail Leases

Retail Leases relate to leases over retail premises.

To determine whether a lease is a retail lease or not, it is necessary to refer to the Retail Leases Act.

If a lease falls under  the Retail Leases Act there are advantages to the tenant. The tenant doesn’t have to pay for the landlord’s legal costs and there is a significant duty to disclose the outgoings relevant to the lease and the premise.

Commercial Leases

Leases that are not covered by the Retail Leases Act are generally referred to as a Commercial Lease.

At  LegalPro Lawyers, we  are experienced in drafting commercial leases as well as advising tenants on their rights and responsibilities under a Commercial lease.

Negotiating Lease Term

At LegalPro Lawyers, we can advise you on the proposed terms of the lease,  negotiate to amend, delete or add terms so that the lease is more favourable to you.

There are many issues which ought to be considered and  which can be overlooked.

Call Paul on 02 8628 0415 regarding a commercial or retail lease.

Selling or Buying a Business

Selling or buying a business may not be as simple and straight forward as you might think. It can be a complicated transaction with many factors to take into account.

At LegalPro Lawyers, we are experienced in the sale and purchase of a business and can assist you from the start to the finish of the process.

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