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Drink Driving – P.C.A.

Have you been charged with Drink Driving? Not sure what your rights and obligations are? Not sure who to turn to for advice?”

LegalPro Lawyers can help you to maximize your legal position by providing you with the services of our expert Drink Driving Solicitors.

With our  dedicated legal professionals , you will not only place yourself in a better bargaining position when facing your drink driving charge but also be rewarded with the range of supplementary legal services to assist you and your family through this challenging time.

The truth of the matter is that LegalPro Lawyers cares about you and your family’s welfare.

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If you’ve been charged with a drink driving offence, it’s imperative that you secure reputable legal representation sooner than later.

This gives us as your legal representative sufficient time to build your defence case and achieve the most successful outcome under your existing circumstances.

LegalPro Lawyers – Drink Driving Lawyer Castle Hill is the respected legal firm to call in the Hills District area when you’re in need of a drink driving lawyer with  the proven results in securing the best possible outcome for you. With over 30 years’ experience, we can accurately advise you on the penalty the Court is likely to impose.

  • We work to understand your circumstances in order to achieve the most successful outcome for you,
  • We understand that such a time can be extremely stressful for you and your family,
  • We provide straightforward sensible advice.

Summary of Penalties

Low Range,Novice or Special Range P.C.A. – First Offence

Immediate Licence Suspension : Discretionary; Disqualification: 3mths to 6mths;  Fine: upto $2,200

Mid Range P.C.A. – First Offence

Immediate Licence Suspension:Yes; Disqualification:3mths to 6mths with interlock; Fine: upto $2,200

Interlock Period : 1 Year minimum

High Range P.C.A. – First Offence

Immediate Licence Suspension: Yes; Disqualification: 6mths to mths with interlock;  Fine: upto $3,300

Interlock Period: 2 Years Minimum

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When you need to find drink driving representation, contact us at LegalPro Lawyers

Drink Driving Lawyer Castle Hill.

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