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Enduring Guardianship

As with a Power of Attorney, you can appoint a person to be your Guardian as a part of your financial planning.

A  Guardian is a person you appoint to make important health and  lifestyle decisions on your behalf and that are in your best interests. Important medical decisions can also be made for you.

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The Guardian can make these decisions when you are incapacitated and to make those decisions on your own behalf.

An Enduring Guardian is not be authorised to make property or financial decisions on your behalf. You need a Power of Attorney for property or financial decisions.

To appoint a Guardian you must  over  18 years of age  and have mental capacity  to make the appointment.

For example  your Guardian can make decisions as to where you live; make decisions regarding medical treatment; health care choices such as maintaining life or palliative care.

The guardian can also obtain medical information on your behalf.

At LegalPro Lawyers, we can draft your Enduring Guardianship for a flat fee and also offer discounted rates if obtained with a Will or second Power of Attorney/Enduring Guardianship.

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